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The Trophy Angler XL Universal Sled Cover will fit most larger ice sleds and 3-4 person ice fishing flip-over shelters best. This cover is made to Fit over the larger sized sleds and flip-over style shelters that are 65" or larger.

XL DLX Universal Sled Cover

  • Item# ASG-USC-DLX2

    EXTRA LARGE FOR 65" + SLEDS & SHELTERS! Includes Fabric Tightening Straps!
    • Fits over the larger sized sleds and flip-over style shelters.
    • 600x600d Heavy-Duty Fabric For Maximum Strength.
    • Elastic Hem For Secure Fit Around Sled Lip & Adjustable Straps With Buckles To Secure Loose Fabric.
    • Weather-Proof...Keeps Snow And Rain Out.
    • Keeps Gear Secured In Sled.
    • Use Bungee Cords To Secure Loose Fabric On Smaller Sleds.

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