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The Trophy Angler Universal Sled Hitch is everything you need in 1 complete package! Fits all sleds...Including flip-over shelter sleds. Includes all hardware to fit any sled with included universal kits you would normally pay extra for....Completely universal! Heavy duty steel tubing with powder-coat finish. Extreme strength and durability. Spring hitch absorbs shock from all directions. Extra long coupler for tight turning. 

Universal Sled / Shelter Hitch

  • Item# ASG-USH-1
    • Everything You Need In 1 Complete Package!
    • Fits All Sleds...Including Flip-Over Shelter Sleds.
    • Includes All Hardware To Fit Any Sled With Included Universal Kits You Would Normally Pay Extra For....Completely Universal!
    • Heavy Duty Steel Tubing With Powder-Coat Finish.
    • Extreme Strength And Durability.
    • Spring Hitch Absorbs Shock From All Directions.
    • Extra Long Coupler For Tight Turning.
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