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The Trophy Angler Rechargeable Angler's LED Light with Lanyard is a 200 Lumen COB light (New Technology of LED) which is a super bright light and is ideal for charging glow tackle and giving you light wherever needed. Oh...did we mention that it is fully rechargeable with its built-in Li-ion battery! When the battery is low...just pop-out the USB end and plug into any mobile phone wall or auto charger and give it about 45 minutes to charge on a low battery. Also top-off the battery anytime as the battery doesn’t develop a memory like the old style batteries from the past. When charging...a red light will illuminate and when charging is complete, a green light will illuminate. With its full 18-inch-long neck lanyard...this light will always be right where you need it. The neck lanyard can also be used to carry other small fishing tools that would need to accessed quickly. Great for portable & permanent fish houses, boats, outdoors, etc... Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.7V 100mAh) included!!!

Rechargeable Anglers LED Light w-Lanyard

  • Item# ASG-RAL-1
    • Super-bright 200 lumen COB light (New Technology of LED)
    • Lightweight, compact, easy to use and includes a full 18" neck lanyard.
    • Rotating stand / mount with screw holes and magnets.
    • Simple on/off push button.
    • Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.7V 100mAh ) .
    • Charge glow lures instantly. 
    • Recharge with USB connection.

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