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The Trophy Angler RAZR-BACK Power-Drill Ice Anchor are built to use with power drills!  They also provide the most aggressive ice anchors on the market today...and no clumsy drill install tool needed with our innovative ice anchors that have a built-in 7/16" or 11mm socket receiver!!! These "RAZR SHARP" metal ice screws are light and super strong for years & years of maintenance free use. Extremely sharp for easy installation & removal. Starts grabbing on the 1st rotation! 

RAZR-BACK Power-Drill Ice Anchor Install Bit

  • Item# ASG-RBA-DB

    Easily Attaches to Any Cordless Drill!
    • For use with a cordless power-drill to screw-in the Trophy Angler RAZR-BACK power-drill ice anchor.
    • This anchor install bit enables you to easily drill your RAZR-BACK Ice Anchors into the ice for securing your ice shelter in place.
    • Extra deep socket for secure and safe screwing.
    • Rugged solid steel construction.
    • Allows for easy installation and removal of ice anchors.

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