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The Trophy Angler Micro-Fiber Fishing Towel is a 16" x 16" multi-purpose towel that is great for fishing and many other outdoor activities. The towel is super-absorbent, fast-drying and has a scratch-free micro-weave for sensitive windshields and screens. The towel is long-lasting as it can be washed and dried 1000s of times...its machine washable safe and will stay ultra-soft for many years. Available in multiple colors!

Micro-Fiber Fishing Towel

  • Item# ASG-FT-B, ASG-FT-R

    Micro-Fiber Fishing Towel!

    • 16" x 16" multipurpose towel with carabiner.

    • Super-absorbent, fast-drying, scratch-free micro-weave.

    • Long-lasting. wash and dry 1000s of times.

    • Machine washable.

    • Ultra soft and lint-free.

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