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The Trophy Angler Laser Anchor Twin Pack provides the most aggressive ice anchors on the market today...and no clumsy drill install tool needed !!!   These "SUPER SHARP" Stainless ice screws are light and super strong for years & years of maintenance free use.  Extremely sharp for easy installation & removal.  Starts grabbing on the 1st rotation!  2-pieces per set with a heavy-duty zippered storage bag.

Laser Anchor 4 Pack

  • Item# ASG-LATP-2PK
    • Most Aggressive Ice Anchors On The Market Today...And No Clumsy Drill Install Tool Needed !!!
    • These Stainless Steel Ice Screws Are Light And Super Strong For Years & Years Of Maintenance Free Use.
    • Extremely Sharp For Easy Installation & Removal.
    • Starts Grabbing On The 1st Rotation!
    • 2-Pieces Per Set with Included Zippered Storage Bag.

    There is a chance that ice can accumulate inside the anchor and this ice must be removed to allow the anchor to easily & properly screw in. Carefully grab the anchor with your bare hand for a few seconds to warm the tube and then blow into the anchor on the "T" end and the ice will pop out of the opposite end. Depending on ice conditions...the build-up can occur after screwing in the anchor a few inches, but typically when the anchor is unscrewed from the ice after its ben in place for a while.

    Apply good & slow downward pressure when first starting to screw the anchor into the the screw starts to grab and pull itself downward, keep applying downward pressure with each turn to ensure the anchor is continuously "biting" into the ice. Screw the anchors in as deeply as you feel necessary to secure your shelter.

    Any questions on this feel free to contact us.
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