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The Trophy Angler Ice Rod Sleeves are made of a super strong & abrasion resistant material that will give you years of ice rod protection.  Available in multiple colors, which means you can choose the color that you like best or outfit your rod combos with multiple colors that specify the type of rod length, rod action or fish species you are targeting.  

Ice Rod Sleeves

  • Item# ASG-IRS-21B ASG-IRS-21G ASG-IRS-21R ASG-IRS-21PNK                        ASG-IRS-21OR ASG-IRS-21BW 
    21" Ice Rod Sleeves
    • Heavy-duty tight weave is durable and flexible.
    • Best with ice rods between 22" - 30" in length.
    • Re-enforced tip protects your fishing rod during transportation and storage.
    • Prevents rod and line tangles.                                                                              • Protects rod tips and guides.                                                                               • Easy-on, easy-off design.

    Available in Black Green Red Pink Orange Black/White


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