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The Trophy Angler Bucket Buddy is A great way to utilize that bucket for tackle, rod-n-reel combos, Trophy Angler Ice Anchors and anything else a bucket is good for!

Bucket Buddy

  • Item# ASG-BB-1
    • Fits Securely Around 5 & 6 Gallon Buckets.
    • Multiple Pockets Hold Tip-Ups, Combos, Tools And Tackle.
    • Snap Buckle Installs And Removes Quickly.

    We are aware of an issue that a certain number of Bucket Buddies in our retailers may have an issue where the strap adjustment buckle is mistakenly sewn on both ends which will not allow the Bucket Buddy to be tightened on a bucket. An easy fix is to carefully cut the sewn stitches on the fold-over of the strap that is connected to the "Male" buckle end. The "male" end of the buckle has the 3 long pieces that get inserted into the "female" buckle end. Then re-insert the strap through the "male" buckle end the way that allows it to grab when tightened. Please see the last 2 pictures of this in the gallery and please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.
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