The Trophy Angler 200 Lumen Rechargeable LED Knit Hat available in grey is the coolest hat on the market right now! This USB Rechargeable LED Hat offers a durable, hands-free lighting solution! Whether it's outdoor adventures or at-home work, this Trophy Angler 200 Lumen Rechargeable LED Knit Hat will shine bright when you need it most. Produces up to 200 lumens of bright light and runs for up to 20 hours on rechargeable 400ma Li-Ion battery. Perfect for ice fishing, fishing, hunting, camping...walking to your tree stand, late-night filleting, or working in dimly-lit areas. 1-hour charge time on average and one size fits most.

200 Lumen Rechargeable LED Knit Hat (Grey)

  • Item#  ASG-2000-G

    • USB Rechargeable LED Hat!

    • 200 Lumens!
    • 400ma Li-Ion battery.
    • Removable battery for USB re-charging.
    • Recharges in most vehicle, home and computer USB ports.
    • 1-hour charge time on average.
    • Up to 20 hours continuous run time.
    • One size fits most!

Ice Fishing
Hunting / Utility
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